Wednesday 10 December 2014

Chemical washing of evaporators coils 2.

When the washing and cleaning were done, engineer Mr. Teo Leong Kock admired his well done job.
We covered back all panels and test run the air-con. There are no more water condensate dripping into the compartments and underfoor. The work took us almost a day to complete successfully.

The Dragon Lim engineers carried the blower and motor assemblies back to the compartment carefully.

Mr. Teo Leong Kock tightening the bolts and nuts of the blower assembly.

When all evaporators coils were washed, MD Dragon Lim and his engineers carried the blower and motor assembly back to the compartment one by one. He aligned the assembly position correctly.

Mr. Lim Chin Sun helping Mr. Teo Leong Kock to go into the blower compartment to wash the next set of coils and fins.

MD Dragon Lim removing motors cables from contactor for the second blower.

MD Dragon Lim was pressurising the solution in the hand pump. The pressure of the solution need to pressurise when the solution is not spraying from the nozzle.

Mr. Ng Yee Peow made sure that he took a nice picture.

Our customer, Mr. Ng Yee Peow taking picture of how to wash the evaporator coils.

This photo shows engineer Mr. Teo Leong Kock spraying degreasing solution at the coils and fins. He had to cover his nose to prevent inhalation of sprayed vapour. It had to be spayed row by row to ensure all areas were covered with degreasing solution.

This photo shows a oil stained evaporator coils.

This photo shows the empty compartment with a built-in duct for down throw.

The first blower and motor assembly removed from unit and placed on the floor.

Chemical washing of evaporators coils 1.

Recently, we had a chemical washing of evaporator coils of a precision packaged unit. The reason of using chemical to wash the evaporator coils and fins is to degrease the residue oil films and stains from the coils and fins surfaces so that water condensate is able to flow to the drain properly by gravity. Otherwise the water condensate drips everywhere within the blower compartment and eventually to the underfloor.
The first step is to remove all the blower and motor assemblies from the unit. The photo above shows MD Dragon was unscrewing the mounting screws of the blower assembly at the four corners. Then the blower assemblies were removed one by one.

Engineers at work 2.

Mr. Tai Kek Lee tightening the screws to close the panels. The job was done and tested. The condenser is running normally. Our customer is happy too.

Engineers at work 1.

Mr. Lim Chin Sun is putting up the fan grille after repaired a fan motor bracket for a condenser. The motor bracket weld gave way causing the motor without proper grips. If it goes unnotice, the motor drops and its propellors cut the power cables and copper tubes. Eventually more damages are incurred. That is why preventive maintenance is so important to ensure equipment and machines are running normally. Without preventive maintenance, more money is spent to recover the machine back to normal running conditions. Sometime, you may need to replace with a new machine and more productive time is wasted.

Replacement of the compressor of the CRAC unit

cooling tower pump
After completion of the replacement of unit:

checking for the defections of the unit I

checking for the defections of the unit II

vacuum system and charging of gas I

vacuum system and checking of gas II
vacuum system and checking of gas III

My engineers

The above photo shows my team of dedicated aircon engineers and myself. Counting from the left are : Mr. Lim Chin Sun, Mr. Teo Leong Kock, Mr. Tai Kek Lee, Mr. Dragon Lim (myself) and Mr. Ondos Minggol. They form a strong pillar in my business. Our engineers are multi-tasking, they are skillful in electrical cabling works, troubleshooting of faults, welding, brazing and other maintenance works.

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